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The VINYL-FLEX, s.r.o Company based in Ústí nad Labem is the first producer and seller of plastic protective covers VINYL-FLEX® in the Czech Republic. Our company offers not only final products, i.e. the covers, but also provides various solutions of technical problems in surface treatment with plastics. We offer production of prototypes, products specified by the customers, that our technology can produce in series.

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We provide the following:

  • Sale of standard black VINYL-FLEX® covers from our stock - immediately dispatched
  • Production of custom-made VINYL-FLEX® covers - delivery within 14 days
  • Surface treatment of metal pieces with plastics
  • Sending samples and quotations free of charge
  • Technical consultations free of charge
  • Production of prototypes and tools - metalwork and lathing
  • Secondary modifications of the covers:
  • Punching - round punches allow passage of a wire
  • Cutting - cutting to measure, separation of the bottom, etc.
  • Printing - single-colour printing, maximum size 7x7 cm
  • We provide recycling of the used VINYL-FLEX® covers

Technical information:

  • Material - soft PVC.
  • Surface of the material - smooth soft, smooth hard, soft coarse.
  • Colour - black, white, yellow, blue, green, red, gray.
  • Properties of the material - it is resistant to acids, alkalis and salts.
  • Excellent resistance to wear, climatic circumstances and UV radiation.
  • The material has very good sealing properties tested on pressurized helium.
  • The product is flexible, easily adaptable, does not crack.
  • Hardness 60 Shore.
  • Short-term resistance to thermal shock up to 120°C
  • Production tolerance - wall thickness ±0.3 mm, length ±1mm


  • Protection of threads in pipes and flanges
  • Protective termination of pipes, hoses, wires and cables
  • Protective covers against unwanted dirtiness
  • Protective masks for surface treatment and transport
  • Tool handles, protection of levers and taps
  • Wire programme
  • Colour differentiation

Ten reasons why to use the VINYL-FLEX covers:

  1. Immediate availability - a large amount of covers in stock - dispatched immediately
  2. Production according to the customer's specifications - the customer can choose the colour and length of the cover from our offer according to his individual need without any charges
  3. Series from 100 pieces to one million - any quantity order is important to us; our approach to smaller customers is the same as the large customers
  4. Customer's centre - sending samples and quotations within three days free of charge
  5. Ideal material for industrial application - the material is resistant to aggressive environment (acids and alkalis)
  6. Ideal material for outdoor application - it is resistant to heat, frost and UV radiation
  7. Modifications of covers - the covers can be modified by standard workshop tools - the bottom can be cut off to make a sleeve, a hole can be punched for passage of a cable without frays or cracks
  8. Perfect tightness and adhesion of the material - soft vinyl covers seal perfectly, their flexibility prevents spontaneous slide
  9. The flexibility of the material allows perfect adaptation of the material even to a non-cylindrical shape
  10. Production of covers according to the customer's required design - production of prototypes.

Range of the covers

  • CYLINDRICAL protective flexible covers
  • FLAT protective flexible covers
  • Flexible protective covers JÖKL
  • Flexible protective COVERS WITH A NECK
  • Flexible protective COVERS WITH AN EYE
  • SPECIAL - NON-STANDARD flexible protective covers -
  • production according to the customer's requirements - prototypes

We are able to satisfy your requirements at the best prices thanks to our new technology.

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